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Mil sakai Profile
Picture Book Author, Artist.
Born in Tokushima Prefecture Japan.

In 1999 she came to Tokyo and started work as Picture Book Author and Artist. 
In 2011, She has started the project named “Ehon de Egao“ with her Husband. By this project she is newly making “Metcha the Black Cat” picture book series every year. By her supporters all over Japan and some other countries, she is providing these books by free to East Japan area, Kumamoto Prefecture, Northern Kyushu Island and Nepal where have been hit by big earth quake. Now the total amount has become 140,510 books.

She has been visiting Nepal 5 time since 2015, she has her local support group called “Metcha For Your Smile Nepal” and they are also providing her picture books to the local school kids. 
By now 19,000 books were given to the kids in Nepal.
Also “I Love You So Much” and “Thank You So Much” were published as part of “The archive of Miyagi prefecture of the Great East Japan Earthquake” project which is organized by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, they will be archived for 1,000 years.
Now she lives in Fukuoka Prefecture with her husband and cats,
Mainly making Picture book and personal exhibition, also making some mascot character for local Bank, Onga-Town and Hospital.

Picture Books
2000 “Adventure in Midnight” from ACTUS.
2001 “Milk Land Story “Hello Ichigo-Chan” from PHP Institute.
2001 “Milk Land Story “Hurray Copter-Kun”
2011 “I love you so much” from “Metcha Books”
2012 ”Thank You So Much”
2013 “You Are My Friend”
2014 “The Day I was Born”
2015 “Nice To Meet You”
2016 “Namaste” in Nepali
2016 “The Letter”
2017 “The Letter” in Nepali
2017 “Picnic”
2018 “Picnic“ in Nepali

Personal Exhibition
She is been doing her personal exhibition from 2007 Fukuoka prefecture mainly, By March 2018 will be her 13th exhibition.

2000 Participated to Border Art Exhibition in Tokyo.
2014 Participated to “Neko Ten” at Inochinotabi Museum in Kita-Kyushu City in Fukuoka Prefecture.
2015 Participated to “Art Fair Asia Fukuoka 2015” in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Mascot Character
2003 Metcha was chosen as mascot character for Onga Credit Union Bank, it’s been used for their Bank book and Cash card.
2006 Newly produced “Ai Chan” for Hayashi Ophthalmological clinic, it’s been used for Bus wrapping advertise.
2014 Newly produced mascot character “Ongappi” for Onga Town, character costume has been made and been loved by town resident.

1999 Adobe Prize at the Jiyu-Kokuminsha Home page Picture Book Grand Award.
2006 Metcha cash card design is awarded the first prize at the national Credit Union Bank PR contest.
2011 “Metcha, always together” is awarded Cyber Agent prize at the App Presentation conference.

Mil Sakai’s Thought
I love painting and story making since I was a little girl.
Through my work, I’d like to thoughtfully express and pass the idea of importance of finding the precious little happiness in the daily life or show the loveliness and brilliance of irreplaceable ordinary days. 
At the village by the lake where Metcha and his friends live, Village’s residents are Animals, Bugs, Fairies and Human. Their body size, living environment, color, skills are totally different but they are helping each and living peacefully with love.
I think that person met this kind of book in their childhood, the concept goes deep in their mind and accept it as very natural thing then it stays last long in their child sate of mind even when they grow up. That will come out as the essence when they make their own environment.
I totally believe that when such kids become adult, the “LOVE” in the world get bigger.

2015年からは4度ネパールへ渡航し”Metcha for Your Smile Nepal” の仲間と共にネパール語版のメチャくん絵本の制作や学校等で子供たちへの絵本の配布も行なっている。お贈りしてきた絵本は合計123,100冊になる。

2000年 絵本「まよなかのぼうけん」株式会社ACTUS
2001年 絵本「ミルクランドストーリーはじめまして!いちごちゃん」PHP研究所
2001年 絵本「ミルクランドストーリーがんばれ!コプタくん」PHP研究所
2011年 絵本「きみのこととってもすきさ」絵本deえがお出版局
2012年 絵本「ありがとう」
2013年 絵本「きみのともだち」
2014年 絵本「ぼくがうまれたひ」
2015年 絵本「はじめまして」
2016年 絵本「ナマステ」ネパール語
2016年 絵本「おてがみ」
2017年 絵本「チッティ」ネパール語
2017年 絵本「ピクニック」
2018年 絵本「バンボーズ」ネパール語


2000年 「ボーダーアート展」(東京)に参加。
2014年 福岡県北九州市いのちのたび博物館で「猫展」に参加。
2015年 福岡県で開催された “ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2015” に参加。

2003年 遠賀信用金庫のキャラクターとしてメチャくんが起用され通帳、キャッシュカード等になっている。
2006年 林眼科天神のキャラクター愛ちゃんを描き下ろし、ラッピングバス等になる。
2014年 遠賀町のキャラクターおんがっぴーを描きおろし、着ぐるみ等になり町民に愛されている。

1999年 自由国民社ホームページ絵本大賞で「ありくんのわすれもの」がAdobe賞受賞。
2006年 全国信用金庫PRコンクールで遠賀信用金庫メチャカードで最優秀賞受賞。
2011年 アプリプレゼン大会で「メチャくんのいつもいっしょ」がサイバーエージェント賞受賞。


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